2022 Bethlehem Peace Light

The 2021-22 Peace Light from Bethlehem arrived at Saint Joseph’s Church on Sunday, December 12.

Each year a child from Austria fetches the Light flown from the grotto in Bethlehem where Jesus was born where it has been maintained for a thousand years.  The Light is flown to Austria in a miner’s lamp and distributed at a Service of Dedication to delegates from across Europe who take it back to their own countries with a message of peace.  Starting in 2001, it has been flown to New York, and through the help of Boy Scouts of America, distributed throughout the Americas.  May the Light remind us to pray for peace in our homes and in our country.

If you wish to share the Peace Light, you may take one of the small votive candles on the John Paul II Altar rail that has been infused with this year’s Peace Light.  You can relight the candle and transfer the light to a previously unlit candle.  (We don’t recommend transporting lit candles.)

More information about the Peace Light can be found at peacelightnorthamerica.org.